With 27 years old Sally reappears as if reborned from the ashes in a popular burlesque club of the capital. Bringing all the Londoner lust style, she becomes known by her naughty and unique routine but mainly by the mystery behind the black mask and her long red hair.

RedRain has become the most popular dancer in Lisbon. But not even the return to the stage lights made her forget what she has lived in the number 147 of the darkest street of Brighton, UK.

a Room

We’ve built 2 Red Rooms (A and B) so you can have more schedule options to play at the same time or against another team of your choice.

* Sessions from 20h to 22h are only accepted with pre-reservation. The number of participants is 2 to 5 per game.

Price for each reservation (60 minutes) is 60 euros.
  • Cash in hand
  • Bank Transfer(NIB)
  • ATM / Multibanco not available

If you choose bank transfer, your reservation will be approved when you email the receipt to lxescape@lxescape.pt