Since a young age Sally RedRain
wanted to be a ballerina

dark-cabaret-internet-gamesBorn as Katherine Roberts in 1911, near Brighton, was adopted by a conservative family but since young age attracted too much attention because of her beauty and natural red hair.

Her body soon gained beautiful shape and at 15 years she participated in many beauty competitions secretly. Having invitations to perform in bars and pubs, Sally soon ran away from home and began her career away from her oppressive family.

With a natural talent for dance, fit body and a stunning beauty, quickly she became one of the most famous dancers and suddenly caught the attention of Charles West, a well known music producer at the time.

They fell in love with each other, which led Sally to leave at the top of her career and flee to Portugal with her recent husband. They wanted a quieter life, away from the stage and dedicated to the family. But the impossibility of conceiving a child, the bitterness of a lost career and longing for the glamour and the stage sank Sally in a deep depression. Charles abandons her in 1934, leaving her alone in an strange country. From this date not much is known about what happened to Sally. It is alleged that she survived in brothels but nothing has been proven / confirmed.