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LX Escape – About us

Our escape rooms will challenge your intelligence, stimulate your multidimensional analysis, creativity and perspicacity. In 60 minutes you should look for clues, solve puzzles and interact with your team to achieve the goal and escape the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

The LX Escape is an entertainment establishment with escape games. In the Escape Games the participants get locked in a common room to look for  clues and figure out how to escape this room in a period of 60 minutes.

You can make a reservation online, please select your room from the menu and place your reservation.

The recommended minimum age is 8 years. Children under 11 years old must be accompanied by at least one adult.

The games are designed for 2 to 5 participants.  You will be charged the minimum price per session.

The room doors will be locked, but if the participant wants to leave for any reason, you can ask the Game Master and the door will open.

The game ends and the Game Master opens the room door.

Each team receives instructions before the game. The game should start at the scheduled time to not harm the participants of the next game.

How it works?