After Sally RedRain’s death, Dr. Varela, a physicist ahead of his time and an avid fan of Sally’s talents, decided to build a time machine to bring her back.

But something went wrong, the machine exploded and sent Sally to the 80s, more precisely to an Arcade Game Room.

Desperate, Dr. Varela looks for anyone who can help him recover Sally, while repairing the time machine.

Do you think you are ready for the challenge?

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* Sessions from 20h to 22h are only accepted with pre-reservation. The number of participants is 2 to 5 per game.

Price for each reservation (60 minutes) is 60 euros.
  • Cash in hand
  • Bank Transfer(NIB)
  • ATM / Multibanco not available

If you choose bank transfer, your reservation will be approved when you email the receipt to